BACI DI OLIVA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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BACI DI OLIVA is the first olive oil of the season from the Bivona region in Sicily, Italy. Hand-picked at the zenith of ripeness, each olive captures the delicate fruity flavor and the unique rich herbal aroma. This fine quality UNFILTERED olive oil is abounding with precious olive particles that create intense, full-bodied oil with a gentle reminder of spice, green grass and fragrant apples. The olives are crushed in a traditional stone mill resulting in oil with a maximum of 0.2% acidity and a perfect balance of fruity and buttery flavors.

Meant to be indulged, BIVONA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for drizzling over salads, steamed vegetables, seafood, grilled meats, or simply for dipping freshly baked bread.

Harvested November 2012.
  • Free Fatty Acid: less than 0.2%. 
  • Available in 250ml bottles

Now taking orders for Harvest of 2013.

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